Jul 7, 2010

Our Wedding Party

Have you ever been in a wedding and thought why am I in this wedding as a bridesmaid? I have, hopefully none of our wedding party feels that way ha. We will be having four bridesmaids and four groomsmen standing up front with us as we say I Do! My bridesmaids are Brooke Lengacher, Ashley Bough, Brittney Wittmer and Autumn Rhoads. Waylon's groomsmen are Eugene Knepp, Jack Sweet, Dallas Graber and Leroy Swartzentruber. Madison Lengacher and Keshon Graber as our mini bride and groom. Sydnee Wittmer as our flower girl and still deciding on the ring bearer. Kevin Knepp, Darrin Wagler, Jackson Knepp, Jon Adams and Darrin Bontrager be our ushers.

Brooke Lengacher
Maid of Honor
Brooke and I haven't known each other for a very long period of time however the day we met I knew she would be a best friend that I would cherish forever. We met on our first day at Vincennes Univeristy and by our junior year we were roommates. She has shared many great and rocky days with me and can't wait till she shares in our wedding day with Waylon and I. Brooke will be walking with Eugene Knepp.  I love you Brooke Elaine Lengacher.

Ashley Bough
Ashley and I have known each other forever it seems like, we started out together in Girls Scout when I thought her last name was Boob HA. She has been my roommate for two years and have loved those two years. We shared in so many memories together. Ashley has been a best friend through my rough days and a joy all the others. She will be walking with Jack Sweet. I love you Ashley Bough.

Brittney Wittmer
Bridesmaid The girl I wish didn't live hours away. Brittney is my cousin that has had to listen to me via phone bitch and complain about everything. She has been an awesome cousin to have during my life and espcially during the wedding planning. It just sucks she can't be here to help cause she is full of ideas and advice. She will be walking with Leroy Swartzentruber. I love you so much Britt=)


Autumn Rhoads Bridesmaid
Also known as Red Rocket to some of us. We went to high school together but didn't become friends until college began. She is the one who makes us laugh every day no matter what kind of mood your in. She is hilarious and always has a smile on her face. She has become a very close and dear friend in the last three years. She will be walking with Dallas Graber.

Eugene Knepp
Best Man
Eugene is Waylon's older brother. They work together and spend time working on their toys. Eugene will be Waylon's best man and will be walking with Brooke Lengacher

Jack Sweet
Jack and Waylon went to school together and were very close friends. They did everything together until Jack moved away and started school. Jack will be walking with Ashley Bough.

Leroy Swartzentruber
Leroy Waylon and I are always together, it seems when its them two I am right in the middle. Waylon and Leroy are always working on something or just hanging out. He is hilarious. I always joke around asking if he will be my maid of honor but he has yet to agree to the task. Leroy will be walking with Brittney Wittmer

Dallas Graber
Oh where do I begin, Dallas is like Waylon's other half they are always together. Waylon's house is pretty much Dallas second home he eats there, showers, plays lots of PS3 and does about everything with us. Dallas and I act like we are brother and sisters always fighting and making each other mad. Dallas will be walking with Autumn Rhoads.

Madison Lengacher
Mini Bride
My darling sister, she is such a joy. I am so happy she is part of our family. It is hilarious how mad she gets when I go see Waylon and don't take her, she is in love with Waylon and will often call him her boyfriend. She is such a tom boy so I was worried she wouldn't want to be in the wedding but when we went and tried on dresses she goes well as long as its for Waylon I will. She will be wearing a dress similar to mine with buttons down the back and two pieces of tangerine. I love her so much She will be walking with Keshon Graber.

Keshon Graber
Mini Groom
He is Waylon's cousin, also Dallas Graber youngest brother. He looks up to Waylon which could cause him problems (just kidding). He is so cute and a lot like Madi, shy until he knows you. They will be perfect for their job.

Sydnee Wittmer
Flower Girl
Sydnee is my cousin from my uncle Terry and Susan. She is darling and is such a girly girl which is so much different than Madison. When I asked her to do it she wanted to wear her Easter dress because it was so pretty she said. I love her so much. She will be walking with....we don't know quite yet ha.

They you have it, our wedding party so far=)
Hope your all enjoying your week.

Jun 23, 2010

A Little About Us

Waylon and I have been dating for almost 5 years, where has the time gone. We met back when I was a sopohmore but didn't begin dating till my junior year of high school. We began hanging out with friends so we could see if we really liked each other (maybe he was trying to say he didn't like me ha) then on January 3,2006 we began officially dating. We did everything a normal couple would do, went to games, movies, out for dinner but my favorite was 4-wheel riding and the nights in the cool car ha. There were countless nights in the car with our good friends Brittney Clark, Ashley Bough, Leroy Swartzentruber and sometimes others depending on our mood or the plans for the night. Looking back now I'm surpised we all turned out the way we did=) Now on to a little about us.....
Waylon Jay Knepp is about to turn the big 2-1=) YAY. He works for his dad doing electrical and heating Knepp's Mechanical. Which is awesome so he will be able to do all our electrical at our future house.He loves to be outside, working on his toys or helping others.  He is my best friend and cannot wait till the day I can call him my husband.
Ayrika Denae Lengacher I will be 22 in October, about to start my senior year @ Vincennes Univeristy majoring in Elementary/Special Education. To bad the education is failing and doubtful to be finding a job but I can only pray about it. God will provide. I love to read and be inside due to the fact I am allergic to everything possible outside. Good thing Waylon likes to mow because that will be one thing that I WILL NEVER DO.
We have two dogs, more like two kids. Khloe, is a Maltese and Marley is a Toy Poodle (BUT DON'T LOOK TO TOYISHha.)

Anyway, on March 25, 2010 Waylon popped the big question and asked me to become his future wife. We will be getting married July 30, 2011. We have a normal sized wedding party each with 4. My maid of honor is Brooke Lengacher, Bridesmaids are Ashley Bough, Autumn Rhoads and Brittney Wittmer. Waylon's best man is Eugene Knepp, groomsmen are Jack Sweet, Dallas Graber and Leroy Swartzentruber. My mini-bride is my lovely sister Madison and his groom is Keshan Graber. My flower girl is my cousin Sydnee Wittmer and still deciding on the ring bearer. Some may think I have a lot done already (WHICH I DO) but I am trying to get as much done as possible before school starts back up and my crazy life begins with homework.

Hope you enjoy reading this blog about our journey for our wedding. I will be updating every week about the different things we are working on.